Douglas Kepanis, LL.M - with this heavyweight in your corner you're destined for victory: The Kepanis Law Firm, P. C., your full service matrimonial and family law firm. It is their goal to help you navigate the complex world of matrimonial and family law. Whether it is obtaining a divorce, bringing or defending an action for child custody or support, they will to assist you every step of the way. (serving New York State and California)

Beata Kubik-Halewicz - is a Polish-American artist who lives an works in New York. Her abstract paintings are very expressive and emotionally charged. Her unique style produced a sequence of neo-abstract portraits of the most profound feelings and emotions that  tear at the human sole and make it rise.  Her paintings are occasionally available on E-bay  

Barry Hoch, D.D.S - if you happen to be living in the San Francisco area and are in need of professional highly specialized dental care Barry and his wife Sue will take good care of you.  Their practice is limited to endodontics.

Teresa Szabo - after a year of continuous gout attacks she took hold of her life, educated herself and designed a purine free diet which also happens to be superbly nutritious.   She published her book "How to Conquer Gout" with my help.

Allen Manison, DC - prides himself on offering the best chiropractic, soft tissue, and rehabilitative care possible. His philosophy is that good patient results can only be obtained when the doctor administering the care has optimal training and spends the necessary time to diagnose the problem and correct it. Allen as a former competitive bodybuilder who succeeded in the sport in spite of diabetes is no stranger to sports injuries. Having been a patient himself has allowed him to develop insightful and deep understanding of ailing patients' needs.

David Allen -  internet development and marketing expert who founded Ocean Front Solutions. His company provides comprehensive eCommerce systems and localized web portals to a wide variety of retail clients ranging from home offices to brick-and-mortar storefronts to high tech corporations.  Elevating retailer visibility and enhancing the online research and purchase experience for prospective customers are the keys to achieving increased revenues. Ocean Front Solutions give small and large vendors a targeted, hassle-free, and affordable channel to reach their most highly qualified prospects those in the self-selected consumer pool - while simplifying the back end management and tracking of internet marketing and point of sale investments.

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