The following is a list of illusions and visual tests. Most are simple and take less than a minute to complete.
A few of them may take a bit longer. In any case they are a great way to relax your mind.
Enjoy! Marcin Kubik

01 How many faces do you see?
02 How many faces here?
03 Can you find nine people?
04 Find the human head...
05 Twelve or thirteen?
06 Count the horses.
07 Find thrity animals.
08 See the dog?
09 Find five wolves.
10 Find the stag.
11 Find the bird.
12 Find the baby.
13 Find the child here.
14 Find Bin Laden
15 Find the dogs.
16 Find ten faces.
17 Find the Indian.
18 How many animals do you see?
19 How many animals are here?
20 How many faces are here?
21 Find three differences.
22 What do you see?
23 Count the triangles.
24 How many musicians?
25 Find all the dolphins.
26 How many horses?
27 How many animals here?
28 Find the ghost.
29 Count the elephants.
30 Count the bears.
31 How many deer?
32 Find the big cat.
33 Find the face.
34 How many animals in this one.
35 Count the bison.
36 Count all the heads.

37 How many wolves do you see?
38 Find the Lady of the lake.
39 How many faces in this one?
40 A lion among zebras?
41 Find the spirit of the mountians.
42 Find the climbers.
43 See the old man?
44 Count the trees.
45 Count the birds.

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